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Shaheen Hoosen created Inspirationalist and FYI, a system to change lives for the better. Reorientation from mediocrity to excellence is his calling and he has championed the cause of individuals achieving greatness with diligence. The possibilities for the future are endless and no-one is better suited to the task of enabling the power within than Shaheen Hoosen. Masterfully written, Inspirationalist will take you on a journey of self-discovery while equipping you with the abilities to thrive. From the mind of Shaheen Hoosen, noted and celebrated Inspirationalist, comes this winning formula for personal growth, self-actualisation, fluent interactivity, dynamic leadership, progressive articulation and rewarding participation. Never seen before, the reality of Inspirationalist will literally change your life, leading towards you becoming a better version of your best self. Without a doubt it is the read of a lifetime, a must read for everyone that has ever wondered about improving their life. Unpacking and explaining the FYI system, Inspirationalist will hand you the tools that you need to overcome any and all obstacles, challenges and distractions – affording you the opportunity to focus on the important things and to disregard the things that do not deserve your attention. Regardless of your preferences, Inspirationalist will become one of your most valued references, causing you to return to its wisdom again and again as you improve the quality of your life by implementing the Inspirationalist in your life. The FYI system is a ground-breaking approach to improving your life, casting aside meaningless rhetoric, it only deals with the nuts and bolts that are actually required. No more nonsense about things you cannot control or, worse still, have to buy. The FYI system is going to equip you with what you need to succeed. Five statements of an Inspirationalist is all it takes to get you going, you won’t look back as you progress through the process of becoming an Inspirationalist in your own life and in the lives of those that are closest to you. Written simply and directly Inspirationalist does not shy away from confrontation. It’s a punchy take-no-prisoners approach to guiding you in accepting the wisdom of Inspirationalist for those times in your life when you have to dig deep because everyone is depending on you. Do not fear the unknown, Inspirationalist is what you need. Certainty provided by 3i.



- Greta Thunberg, 2018
A Climate-Neutral European Union by 2050
- European Council, 2019
Who is FYI
Shaheen Hoosen

Shaheen Hoosen is the CEO of FYI, the Creator of Inspirationalist, the Founder of Everyday South Africa and a Spirit Leader. He aims to change the world so that the future is prosperous for all people and all countries.

Shaheen By Xavier
Shaheen Hoosen

Shaheen Hoosen has a BCom from UKZN, is a SETA Accredited Facilitator, is an Alumnus of the International Academy for Leadership of the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung for Freedom and works to improve lives everyday.