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The majority of the world is covered in seawater. The Northern or Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Southern or Antarctic Ocean make the biggest slice of real estate on Planet Earth. Yes, if we drained the oceans somehow, there would be land underneath, but unless the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Circle freeze 10000% more than they do currently, we are unlikely to claim vast stretches of land from the Oceans.

This means that the world is predominantly blue. As seen from space the Earth has been called the blue marble and rightly so. However overfishing, pollution, plastic waste, global warming, rising ocean temperatures and the melting of the polar ice caps threaten the welfare of the Oceans and the blue marble as a whole. We need stringent conservation and cleanliness in our approach to marine life and the life of the Oceans. FYI has produced as a statement that says we need as a society to do more to save the planet from the devastation of global warming and climate change. We need to safeguard our blue marble and protect planet earth.

Blue Marble

Using FYI's extensive diplomatic network, we are going to embolden the surprising superpowers of the world to stand up for the planet, to stand up for climate justice and to stand up for ocean health. We are going to engage with the little giants, not the global superpowers whom bully the other countries into silence, but with the emerging economies of the world whom have tremendous potential and tremendous ability - but whose power has yet to be demonstrated. We are going to encourage these countries to seek better agreements on climate harm reduction and the better agreements on environmental protection. By building lobbying groups around these issues, on a geopolitical and economic basis, we will through sheer dint of numbers be able to take on the global superpowers whom pollute the world and force them to change their behaviours for the betterment of the blue marble, for the betterment of planet earth and for the betterment of humanity. This process will be difficult as the global superpowers throw their financial and political might around to intimidate those smaller countries which are not as advanced in terms of their militaries and which do not have nuclear weapons; but it will be possible to bring together every country that truly cares about its environment, the planet's climate and the health of the oceans, to act now to save the blue marble.

Blue Marble
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Climate Change

Climate change arguably presents the greatest threat to ocean health. It is making oceans hotter, promoting acidification, and making it harder for marine life to breathe in the oceans by reducing dissolved oxygen levels. This is at a critical level now. 

Plastic Pollution

More than five trillion pieces of plastic pollution are afloat in the oceans. And the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is growing. For every pound of tuna we are taking out of the ocean, we are putting two pounds of plastic back in.

Sustainable Seafood

Almost a third of global fish stocks are overfished. Fish that were once extremely abundant, such as bluefin tuna, are now becoming increasingly endangered. Sustainable fishing is required and global agreements regarding territories is needed.

Marine Sanctuaries

We all know that parks and protected areas on land help wildlife such as bears, deer and elephants thrive. The same is true for underwater protected areas. Protected areas in the ocean can act like a savings account for fisheries.