It is in the nature of every country to want to do well and to achieve great things. Work is the predetermining factor in the success of any economy. The focusing of national pride, national fervour and national interests is necessary for any country to achieve things that ordinarily would be out of their range. FYI will develop a country specific program for each diplomatic partner that enhances that country's ability to participate in the following benefits of responsible climate diplomacy: Fiscal stability from not being overindebted to polluter nations, Improved, sustainable economic growth, Reduced unemployment and increased education, Stronger human rights, democracy and the rule of law and Trade with other "Climate Neutral" countries on preferable terms.

This will allow each country that participates to benefit tangibly from choosing the path of Climate Neutrality. To be clear Climate Neutrality refers to the emission and mitigation of all greenhouse gases – not just carbon. Much like Carbon Neutrality, Climate Neutrality can be achieved by emitting greenhouse gases at an equal rate to its removal from the atmosphere. A source that is Climate Neutral isn’t contributing to adversely to climate warming.

By contrast Carbon Neutral – which refers to having a net-zero carbon footprint – is about reaching a balance between the emission of carbon into the atmosphere, and the removal of the climate pollutant through carbon sinks or other offsets. In many instances, being Carbon Neutral will limit contributions to climate change. Becoming Carbon Neutral doesn’t encompass all greenhouse gases – though it does include carbon dioxide, which makes up about 80 percent of the planet’s greenhouse gases – and some sectors don’t need to be Carbon Neutral to limit contributions to warming.

FYI's policy is of Climate Neutrality, and in our dealings with all diplomatic representatives we will be advocating for their adoption of a domestic and foreign policy of Climate Neutrality. Appropriate measures will be made available to each and every country that adopts a policy of Climate Neutrality to enable them to be free of indebtedness to polluter nations. FYI will work steadily to organise a bloc of countries which are not global superpowers and which all promote Climate Neutrality.

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