Believing that the world has the capacity to engage in global climate diplomacy, that the world has the ability to reach agreement without corruption and without intimidation, that the world has the common sense to innovate so as to avoid pollution and environmental harm, that the world has the wherewithal to gather itself as a united civilisation of planet earth to tackle and reverse the devastation of climate change, that the world has the obligation to the future to act now to protect the environment and that the world must see its way clear to achieving a climate dispensation that is predicated on human rights, democracy and the rule of law;

Observing that the world has been moved by civil protest the world over in the last few years that has brought greater attention to the United Nations Conference of the Parties - which annually meets to discuss and review climate change - among ordinary people, that ordinary people are greatly affected by the ravages of detrimental climate change and devastating global warming, that the world is in a state where raging fires, tropical storms, drought and famine, melting glaciers and rising sea levels all co-exist in the norm of today's unpredictable climate, that the world is unable to reach a consensus which determines that pollution is the problem and that the polluters are responsible and that the world is fragmented when it comes to the political will needed to act decisively;

Noting that great progress has been made over the last 30 years in the matter of climate change, from the days when the hole in the ozone layer was the big news to the days when global warming took centre stage to today where the catastrophe is simply called "climate change", that this progress has resulted in every international body which deals with environmental affairs taking a position which says something between "Carbon Neutrality" and "Climate Neutrality", that this progress has indicated the willingness of the world to work towards environmental harm reduction and improved ocean health, and that this progress is replicated in regional and national legislation that calls upon ordinary people to act against destructive climate change.

Therefore, FYI will engage with diplomatic representatives to negotiate for their countries to adopt a policy of "Climate Neutrality" and to set an appropriate timeframe for the achievement of this goal. The countries that FYI will engage with will be those outside of the Top 10 Military Powers, outside of the Top 10 Nuclear Powers, outside of the Top 10 GDP Economies, outside of the Top 10 Population Societies and outside of the Top 10 Donor Countries. FYI will engage the smaller countries, the often bribed, bullied and broken countries that have no global voice but have ordinary people with great potential. FYI will gather these countries into an appropriate forum to speak with one mind at the United Nations and other international bodies.

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